Marquis Daniels Collection

My Top 10 Marquis Daniels Cards

10.  2004-05 Skybox Fresh Ink Five on Five Patches#1 Spurs/Mavericks 03/10

 Awsome card would be a lot higher in my list if only the Marquis Daniels and Dirk Nowitzki patches were better. Wasn't a cheap card to get but well worth it as many collectors would be after these for either individual players PC's or team PC's so I had to buy it when I had the chance. Nothing better than buying a card with possibly 2-3 future Hall of Fame players.

9. 2005-06 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics Triple Patches #NFD Nowitzki/Finley/Daniels 06/10

This is my favourite straight up patch card, not including the logoman, but as a Dallas fan having 3 of my favourite players on it makes it sweet to have as part of my collection. All 3 patches are sweet so not let down there and the design is really smooth also the card being numbered to Marquis Daniels' jersey number makes it even better.

8.  2005-06 Reflections Compare and Contrast Quad Autographs #HDSH Jo.Howard/Daniels/Stackhouse/Harris 07/10

This was the first high end card I ever bought for Marquis Daniels which was very early in the collection when I still hadn't decided if I was going to try and collect all of his cards. I was stoked when I got this card and was probably the point when I thought I would try to go for the 400 odd cards. I bought it off a bloke in Australia who had the biggest ever Devin Harris collection I had seen so now hopefully it's in the biggest ever Marquis Daniels collection.

7.  2005-06 Reflections Signatures #MD Marquis Daniels 1/1


This card completed my first ever rainbow of this set which included other cards numbered to /5, /25, /50 and /100. After I bought the /100 card first I thought "yeah not the greatest card" then I bought another couple and only then thought they were nice cards and had to get the 1/1. Now putting them all next to each ohter they look amazing, they all really do make each other look that much better.

6. 2006-07 UD Black Patches Dual Autographs #DH M.Daniels/A.Harrington 01/5

 I love the look of all the Upper Deck Black cards they have done a sensational job of designing them and was glad that Marquis Daniels had one made. I own the version numbered /15 aswell and thought that card was amazing and then this one poped up and also wasn't listed on Beckett. This version better patches then the /15 and took it's spot on this list.

5.  2006-07 Upper Deck Trilogy Generations Present Trio Signatures #PRTSODG Jermaine O'Neal/Marquis Daniels/Danny Granger 3/3

I picked up this card shortly before Danny Granger was named Most Improved Player in the season 2008/09 and was for a pretty cheap price which has probably risen since then. I like the design of the card and Marquis Daniels is in pretty good company with Jermaine O'Neal and the star on the rise Danny Granger, who will only continue to get better as time goes on. I only collect Marquis Daniels cards so any other auto's of other players on his cards is always a nice bonus. The fact that he is the only one who signed it with a gold pen also makes it standout from the others.

4.  2005-06 Topps Big Game Selective Swatches #MD Marquis Daniels 1/1

As soon as I saw this card on eBay I had to have it because I thought it was only for the letters, I never thought it was in existence, so I had to pick it up at any cost. I had to get a friend from the U.S. to buy it for me as the seller wouldn't sell it internationally and I was also going away for the long weekend. When I got home and saw that Matt (Shawn Bradley Fan) had won it for me I was stoked, especially when it sold for only a quarter of my max bid. I'm currently working on the whole set for Marquis Daniels and have four of them so far, please check them out on my 1/1's page.

3. 2006-07 Ultimate Collection Autographs Patches #AUMD Marquis Daniels 02/15 


This is so close to being my favourite card, but the fact that the others are so important to the collection (logoman, RC, 1/1's) aswell as they are good looking cards they just pip this card by the smallest of margins. I love this card so much that I currently have 5 of them (02, 03, 08, 09 & 12/15) and trying to get my hands on all 15 of them and is the only card that I am collecting multiples of so you know I love them. I just think the design of the card is awsome and they look elegant plus they have nice patches.

2. 2003-04 Finest Gold X-Fractor #156 Marquis Daniels AU 1/1

 This is Marquis Daniels' best rookie card by an absolute mile and was another must have for my collection. It was also my very first 1/1 card I had ever bought of any player. I had seen the Marbury version of the card first and thought "wow I hope Daniels has a card like that in the set" and sure enough I found it! I had to take it easier going out to clubs and pubs for a couple weeks to save up for this one but it was worth it.

1. 2005-06 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics Logos #MD Marquis Daniels 1/1

Im pretty sure this is 1 of only 2 Logoman cards that Marquis Daniels has so it was a must have for my collection and definitely makes it my top card. The only other Logoman of his is an Exquisite dual auto with Josh Howard which I someday hope to get my hands on but currently Exquisite613 has it and looks like keeping it for awhile. Only then will this card ever leave the number 1 spot, it looks so much better in hand the scan just does not do it justice.