Marquis Daniels Collection


This page is dedicated to Marquis Daniels memorabilia that I have collected as a part of my collection, I only have a couple things so far but I'm always looking to add more! Enjoy the pictures!

Autographed Indiana Pacers Jersey






Marquis Daniels hand signing the jersey before leaving Conseco Fieldhouse in early 2009.








The jersey right after Marquis Daniel had hand signed it at Conseco Fieldhouse.











The autographed jersey hanging up in my room.










 A close up of the letters and number. As you can see the signature on the number 6 and he also inscribed his nickname "Quisey" next to his signature.

Game Worn Autographed Shoes

Here are a pair of Marquis Daniels' shoes I picked up in May 2010 which were worn in a game played for the Boston Celtics @ Houston on Friday, March 19 2010. As I understand Daniels is the only player with shoes of this design, both of these shoes have been autograph aswell and are in perfect condition. At this current point of time they would be my favourite piece of memorabilia I have of Marqus Daniels.



Autographed Indiana Pacers Portfolio











Here is a Indiana Pacers Portfolio hand signed by Marquis Daniels, this item was auctioned off and all proceeds were donated to the Junior Achievement of Northern Indianapolis.


This is the "Donation Delivery Form" that accompanied the signed Portfolio.

Game Programs

I also have two "2008-09 Game Time" programs from playing days with the Indiana Pacers.

Program2.jpg Indiana Pacers "Game Time" Program picture by vivo87

This program is from the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on November 10, 2008. This program not only has a printed autograph but a hand signed one aswell.

program.jpg Indiana Pacers "Game Time" Program picture by vivo87

This program is from the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on February 10, 2009. This program has a printed autograph on the font.

Media Information

This is "Media Information" given out obviously to the media before each game. This particular one was given out before the Indiana Pacers @ Philadephia 76ers game and was hand signed by Marquis Daniels #6, Travis Diener #12 and Kareem Rush #21. It contains 4 pages of information such as the roster, probable starters, last game recaps, all-time series stats, next opponent information, general/recent team notes, player notes for projected starters and also individual stats for both rosters for the current season.


Autographed Poster

Here I have a poster from Apple Orthodontix autographed by both Josh Howard and Marquis Daniels.

Dallas Mavericks T Shirt

Here is a Dallas Mavericks T Shirt I picked up in August 2010, featuring Daniels and his number.