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About Me

Well my names Nick, I go by vivo87 around the basketball forums and I'm 23 years old from Melbourne, Australia. I started collecting around early 2007 and then collecting just slipped from my mind and totally forgot about it a few monts later. Since mid 2008 I have started collecting again, I used to collect sets but then went onto collecting random cards that I liked the look of. Then thought I'm not really going any where collecting just random cards of individual players and needed a goal to aim for. I then started collecting Dirk Nowitzki, Josh Howard and Marquis Daniels (yes im a Dallas fan) and found that good for awhile but it kind of seemed endless and almost pointless collecting. But then kind of thought I should try to collect all, or as many as I could, of Marquis Daniels' cards and at the moment am chasing his cards pretty hard and have recently sold all of my Nowitzki and Howard cards. I decided to drop my Nowitzki and Howard collections because I don't think Dirk has any really awsome signature cards or anything, the best cards he has are pretty much just patches, he also has a lot of 90's/early 2000 cards and to be honest im into the newer looking cards rather than the 90's which are his rookie cards. With the Howard cards, I don't know why really, I think the main reason was to sell them all so I could get some extra cash for a couple Daniels 1/1's I was chasing and Josh Howards auto isn't anything special.

You may wonder why I collect Daniels' cards and I've been asked a couple times "Why do you collect Marquis Daniels, his not a star player" and my response to that is, why should we all only collect "star" players. His not a top tier player with your Jordan's, Kobe's, LeBron's and Durant's but a very solid player and very underrated I think and could be a starter with a lot of teams, which he showed two seasons ago at Indiana when he played well when they were depleted by injuries at times and had his career best in points per game (13.6 ppg up from 7.1 ppg and 8.2 ppg the previous seasons) aswell as rebounds and blocks. But the main reason I collect him was because 2003-04 was the first full season I really got into the NBA and I started watching Dallas games because I was a fan of the Cowboys so I followed the Mavs and it also didn't hurt that they were a good team and a fun one to watch. The fact that he went undrafted and made the team and contributed in that same season was great to see and those couple of games he started point guard when Steve Nash was injured were awsome to watch, nearly registering triple doubles! I also like the fact he can play 3 positions and is flexible in that way and so hopefully he backs up Paul Pierce and even Ray Allen better in his second season in Boston. So I collect him because I love the underdog's, he played at Dallas in the first season when I really took notice of NBA and watched games, is a flexible and a very solid player and finally there is a possibility I could get close to the 100% target of his cards so hopefully that might answer any questions why I collect him.

Like I've previously said I've only been into basketball since about late in the 2002-03 season, I used to be really one eyed about Football (AFL - Australian Football League) saying that basketball was not nearly as skilled as AFL which I still belive is probably the case, but am not nearly that one eyed now and never gave basketball a chance because I liked the contact sports. Once I reached high school basketball became the sport played amongst our mates during the breaks of lunch and that and I found I really got into it playing 3-on-3 and so on. A group of my mates & I then decided to make a team and now we play every Monday & Tuesday night & have won 5 grand finals and been runners up twice in A grade, so been pretty successful. So since late in the 2002-03 season have always been interested in the NBA and watch the games on ESPN and now One HD, only about 4-5 games a week on in Australia at the moment but hopefully that increases in time.

But anyway thats probably enough for now, I'll keep the updates on the Blog rolling in for new cards I recieve or any big Daniels info that happens so keep an eye out...I hope you enjoy my collection, I know I do!


   If you have a card I may be interested in please or want to give me any feedback please feel free to contact me at: